Faculty Ammara Mubeen


Assistant Professor
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  • Masters

Academic Background
MS Civil Engineering (HYDRAULICS AND IRRIGATION ENGINEERING) Masters University of Engineering and Technology Lahore September 01, 2004 - July 04, 2007
( ) Associate Ordinary Bachelor University of Engineering and Technology Lahore - June 01, 2004
Application of precipitation products for flood modeling of transboundary river basin: a case study of Jhelum Basin November 22, 2020 Muhammad Umer, Hamza Farooq Gabriel, Sajjad Haider, Ammara Nusrat, Muhammad Shahid, Muhammad Umer Theoretical and Applied Climatology - Pages 1-16
Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Delineate Homogeneous Climate Zones in River Basins of Pakistan for Hydro-Climatic Change Impact Studies October 01, 2020 Ammara Nusrat, Hamza Farooq Gabriel, Sajjad Haider, Shakil Ahmad, Muhammad Shahid, Saad Ahmed Jamal Applied Sciences - Volume 10, Issue 19, Article Number 6878
Application of Meta-Models for Accurate Calibration of Hydrological Model Parameters June 18, 2020 Ammara Nusrat, Hamza Farooq Gabriel, Sajjad Haider, Muhammad Shahid Journal of Critical Reviews - Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 767-779
Flow Division at a Free-Surface, Three-Channel Intersection Using 1D Shallow Water Equations October 01, 2019 Sajjad Haider, Hamza Farooq Gabriel, Ammara Mubeen Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering - Volume 44, Issue 10, Pages 8489-8501
Development of a flood forecasting system using IFAS: a case study of scarcely gauged Jhelum and Chenab river basins July 01, 2018 Aamir Shahzad, Muhammad Junaid Siddiqui, Sajjad Haider, Ammara Mubeen, Hamza Farooq Gabriel Arabian Journal of Geosciences -
FIDIC Conditions of Subcontract as a Model for General Conditions of Subcontract in Pakistan December 01, 2016 Muhammad Umer Zubair, Hamza Farooq Gabriel, Muhammad Jamaluddin Thaheem, Muhammad Bilal Khurshid, Ammara Mubeen Advances in science, technology and engineering systems journal - Volume 1, Issue 6, Page No 5-13
A meta-model assisted framework of optimization of the Hydrological model parameters for accurate calibration May 04, 2020 - May 08, 2020 Ammara Nusrat, Hamza Farooq Gabriel, Sajjad Haider, Muhammad Shahid 22nd EGU General Assembly 2020 - Austria
Depletion and quality deterioration of Groundwater Resources and its consequences on irrigated agriculture [Case Study: Pakistan] May 08, 2019 - May 10, 2019 Ammara Mubeen, Hamza Farooq Gabriel, Abdul Sattar Shakir International Groundwater Resilience to Climate Change and High Pressure Conference - Turkey
Professional Experience:
Senior Engineer NESPAK September 28, 2007 - September 29, 2009
Lecturer UET Lahore December 07, 2004 - September 27, 2007
Assistant Structural Designer PRACS (Pakistan Railways Advisory and consultancy Services) March 15, 2004 - December 06, 2004