SN​  ​​Research Agreements Collaborating​ University/ Agency​​ ​Focal Person
1   ​ ​Rapid Repair of​ Runway (RRR)​ PAF ​Dr Rao Arsalan Khushnood (Assistant Professor)​
2​ ​Hydrological and Hydrogeological Assessment of the Mohenjodaro World Heritage Site ​UNESCO ​Dr Hamza Farooq Gabriel​ (Professor)
​3 ​The Impact of Climate Change on Water Stress Situations in the Yellow River Basin, China ​CNCID (China) ​Dr Hamza Farooq Gabriel (Professor)
4​ ​CO2 Reduced Mortars and Concrete using Local Secondary Raw Material ​DAAD, Germany ​ Arslan Mushtaq
​5 ​Application of FILTER Technology for Waste Water Treatment ​UNESCO ​Dr Hamza Farooq Gabriel​ (Professor)
6​ ​Structural Evaluation Services ​BNP (Private) Limited ​ Dr. Syed Ali Rizwan (Professor)
​7 ​UNESCO Sponsored Master Class on Community Based Flood Management Part-1 ​UNESCO ​Dr Hamza Farooq Gabriel​ (Professor)
​8 ​American Studies Conference Workshop ​US Embassy ​Dr Hamza Farooq Gabriel (Professor)
9​ ​HI-Aware – Himalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience Research on Glacier and Snowpack Dependent River Basins for Improving Livelihoods” ​PARC and ICIMOD ​Dr. Shakil Ahmad​ (Assistant Professor)
10​ ​Development and Using SCC at one of their Sites ​Bestway Cement Limited Regarding ​Dr. Syed Ali Rizwan (Professor)
11 ​Mutual Cooperation to develop joint training and research activities for addressing water security and quality challenges through improved water governance and efficient water resources management ​Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) ​Dr Hamza Farooq Gabriel (Professor)
​12 ​Joint Research Projects, Academic Exchange  – Protocol of Collaboration​ ​The University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina ​Dr. Syed Ali Rizwan​ (Professor)